I'm 23 yrs a guy. I've always had self-esteem issue na I doubt myself very much. Physically I'm not really good looking. So I've never dated or been liked by a girl and sometimes this causes me kujidharau more especially in campus coz sex and dating are all young people talk about. Ilibidi I hired a hook up girl ndio I have sex for the first time. So now every time I feel I need sex I hook up with one. It's not intimate it's just lifeless sex and I enjoy the idea of it more than the sex itself. At some point I want a girl who'll like me vile niko but the few times I've tried kukatia nimerejectiwa . Any other person who went through the same? How did you change? How did you love yourself?

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I'm struggling with my self esteem as well. But learn how to be alone. Meet your self. Maybe try a dating app? But don't be desperate. Girls don't like this. Be kind to your self, every time you catch yourself being mean to you, stop it. Also even if you didn't win the genes lottery, have proper hygiene, smell good, dress nicely, talk nicely, read- educate your self. Learn how to win people for other reasons. Be super patient out there, you're not gonna meet someone perfect overnight, meet people. Don't be shallow, give people a chance.

Good Luck