Friendship is a complicated thing especially when disagreements arise. I feel like I'm a bad person and I need a different perspective of what happened yesterday. So please if someone sees this give me some advice. A friend of mine I knew in college called me on January this year and told me about a job at her home town so I went and applied and three months down I was working there until we got terminated due to return of Corona virus . I went home for sometime and left her with my laptop in my house where her boyfriend also went to see her . She called me Monday morning saying that my laptop got stolen while she was sleeping in the house but her story didn't add up so I had doubts and suspicion so as we conversed on the issue I asked her to arrange for how I'd get another laptop to get back on my feet since I had paid rent in hopes of doing some online job before we went back to work but she said she would only pay me back on June but I told her considering the situation I'd be stranded without a hustle and yet she has a movie shop , living at home with her family so I was on the losing end. Things got ugly and upon going back there I was advised to report it to the police so id get to the bottom of the issue . She was locked up and told to call her boys so they'd produce the laptop and acc to the officer their statement was not solid . The end was ugly but I got a replacement laptop to use for the time being until June when she'd pay me back but upon this she had to pay bail and blamed me for it saying that I'm ungrateful since she got me a job and I was being unfair to report the case.... She threatened me calling me names claiming I'm the worst kind of friend but now I wonder if I did the right thing . Please advise

  Published  8th Apr 2021 at 10:17 am
Braenar WasawoPracticum Psychologist Student

Friendships can indeed get complicated, especially when disagreements come about. What sets people apart is how they handle conflicts when they arise. Safe to say that you handled it in a positively mature way. You went to the police to report the theft of your property. You seem to be self-conscious and aware of what you want, and this is a good attitude. Unfortunately, this process has cost you a friend. Her hurling insults at you because of something that she could easily avoid speaks volumes about her character. Yes, she got you a job, but it is unfair of her to rub it in your face when a conflict arises to make you feel guilty.

Going to the police when there is theft of personal property is your right. In a perfect world (Kenya with hope), that is what the police are there for. What's more, is that your friend's story did not add up at all, and you wanted to get to the bottom of the issue. Your laptop is an instrument that you use to pay your bills and to earn a living. It is a valuable asset. If your friend cooperated or was truthful, then there would be no need for her to have spent more money than she should have. The matter would have been resolved swiftly.

All in all, you did nothing wrong, and doing the right thing showed you who your "friend" really is.

Good luck with the hustle, friend.
  Published  11th Apr 2021 at 3:46 pm

Thanks alot for that B