2021 started out great I finally got a job I prayed for so hard then came this man who for the first time I felt so at ease with and he wanted a serious relationship that would lead to marriage after a few months of dating I got pregnant and he was okay with it and recently I quit my job to move in with him and I thought that finally my life was getting better we've had a fight before because apparently he has gotten a job opportunity abroad and is being pressured by family to take the opportunity and I feel so sad because I don't know where that leaves us considering we've only dated for like six months. I kind of feel like letting him go and leaving the rest to God in that if we still end up together it's fine and if we don't I'm hoping to get strength and my life back together.

He has not told his family about me and we wanted to go to my parents for introduction but I feel like he's hesitant about it , I asked him why he hasn't told his sister who is the only family he has abroad and he said she'll be mad at him because she wants him to focus on going abroad for a job and I'm really confused about this . I don't want to lose him I really love him alot and I'm hoping our child will get to see his father while growing up but this makes me feel like giving up .... please advise

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You shouldn’t have gotten pregnant with ring and wedding. cc all Kenyan young women. The results are never pleasant.

He’ll go abroad, see the options available to him, as you join the long queue of single mothers

Wow thanks that's really encouraging

Girl, just accept that you are about to become a single mother. Focus on how you will raise the little one. That guy got what he wanted or maybe he was not meant for you.