I feel stuck and I don't know how to snap out it.

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Same case here...but I feel like it's this comfort zone that is home with everything being catered for by my parents that won't let me snap out of it!

Sometimes I feel like I should just up and leave...and go to a place where I'll have no one to rely on, maybe then, in an effort to survive, I'll unstuck myself. Turkana always comes to mind whenever I start thinking in this line, okay now I'm drifting, I'll stop.

So what's your being stuck like, what do you think is linked to it?

I go through the same. Especially when I'm under stress. At the same time, not necessarily, because I figured these things happen even without any reason. I just repetitive tasks mindlessly at best. Today I ironed one garment for 3-4 hours, hivyo tu. In hindsight, that was better than catasrophisizing and ruminating on other things in bed. Enyewe invest in a good iron. It's not mine, but nonetheless, it's true. It didn't burn or leave marks at all. Yes, even after ironing for that long.

Can't wait to go out today, drink myself silly and shut my mind off for a while. Inaworkingi kama kujumpstart akili for the next day. This feels a bit better than therapy. No one's interrupting me. People are civil and at least someone if not everyone relates.