I have a serious addiction to porn and masterbation. i can go for a month without it but I always slip back. Its affected most of my relationships with my girlfriends.  Right now someone got hold of my nudes and is black mailing me. Honestly if they leaked I’d just kill myself. My family would be too disappointed in that I’d probably be better off dead. 

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The first step in overcoming addiction is accepting that you have a problem, wich you have, meaning you are on the right track. Seeing that its affecting your relationships then its definitely time to pull out the big guns. You cannot however hard you try to, overcome addiction on your own.You need to be accountable to yourself, someone really close and most importantly to God. God's mercies are new every morning, and guess what Jesus didn't come to the world to condemn us but to give us life and in abundance.  So fear not for if He carried the weight of the world on His shoulders He is going to carry you.But you must let Him be God and the heavy lifting. You must allow Him to your heart and leave all your burdens at His feet and I guarantee you that the Peace God that surpasses all human understanding shall guard your heart.Philippians 4:7 .

And as for the one who is blackmailling you, let them be, what is the worse that can happen.Knowing that you are loved by God and are the apple of His eyes is far much better than what any human being can offer. So let them be and God shall fight for you. He will prepare a table for you before your enemiesPsalm 23:5 .

But to receive freedom, joy, love and acceptance, there is no other way love but to Let God in and take control. Remember the cross and that Christ died for all our sins. He hang there and said it was finished.As I quote one of my favourite hymns; Oh what needless pains we bear all because we do not carry everything to God in prayer. 

All the best.Am praying for you.

Chiromo Lane Medical Center Psychologist

I truly understand the predicament that you are in. However before all else i must commend you for speaking out on this matter. As is i know it is hard enough even to talk about it. Sexual addictions inclusive of porn and masturbation occur when one uses sexual behavior to escape from an uncomfortable and unpleasant feeling then this action becomes compulsive as the brain forms this association between the action and the effect of temporary calmness it brings.

because by nature a sexual addiction occurs function as a way of relieving painful and uncomfortale states then it is important to establish what exactly triggers this action for you. It would be very important to seek out help to work on change of behavioural patterns so that the progress you make is sustainable. sexual addictions are complicated in nautre to hanlde on your own because they carry a combinations of factors which cause the impulses to be difficult to resist once they come.

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